Workshop on Community Service Project Management & Social Entrepreneurship

As mandatory, every graduating batch of NUST has to take a Community Service course and complete 30 credit hours of Community Service. They have a weekly three-hour session with final-year students of other schools as well and are given a unique opportunity to work with these students from different educational backgrounds to build a better tomorrow for the less privileged.
October 9th, 2015, marked this semester’s fourth session of the Community Service Learning course. Previously, all three had been conducted by a guest speaker, and were mainly centered around ways to help the society and means through which betterment could be achieved. This week’s session, however, was a bit different; in the sense that it was more technical and instead of teaching students what they could do to play their part in the community; it was more relevant in terms of how they could achieve their goals.
A lot of projects students do for this class can be classified under Social Entrepreneurship, as they are an innovative solution to a social problem or need being faced by a group of people. The speaker, Assistant Manager Community Service Ms. Maheen Mumtaz has done her Masters in Business Administration, and is an expert on Project Management as well as Social Entrepreneurship. Both these terms may be somewhat unfamiliar to students from Engineering or Medical backgrounds, and so this session proved very beneficial to those who wanted to start their own project but were unaware of the technicalities that went into it. The workshop was divided into two parts: the first part focused on how to initiate a project, how to build a team and learning to control and manage the resources. The second part of the workshop was solely focused on the concept of social entrepreneurship and how students can actually start a for-profit business which actually gives back to and helps the community.
The class was very interesting and quite interactive. The students learned a lot about what to do in order to reach their goals, and left the hall with a clearer picture of their project in their minds.