Community service learning is a concept that needs to be introduced to all the individuals of a nation. In

order to educate the students of our university about community services, NUST community services

club is setting up a class lead by Dr irteza to enlighten us about the essentials of community service. The

first class took place this week which started with a reference of Islam and many Quranic verses and

Ahadith inspiring the youth towards community service and also to tell people how much stress our

religion puts on helping those in need and community work. Furthermore he showed the importance

and need for community work by the epitome of humanitarian examples such as Florence Nightingale,

Mother Teresa and Mahatama Gandhi.

A lot of guests including students from all departments and faculty members joined the seminar

including people from PCTN, Dr. Ayesha, Dr. Adnan and people from CAC attended with much zeal and


In the end Dirteza gave us all questionnaires to fill. The questionnaire included questions regarding

community service and students were asked to rate the idea according to priority. The seminar provided

students with many incentives to work on and motivated them to a great deal towards making the

community a better place. Dr Irtiza ended his speech by saying that  humanity is above every religion.