Pakistan Chapter of the Talloires Network (PCTN) Annual Conference


It is wisely and legitimately said that two are always better than one and it is best to have more than two. The hands, which are extended for the welfare of the community are always a ray of hope that dispense the positivity that still lies among us and make us believe that there is a greater good still existing among us. The people who offer such commendable efforts are heroes in themselves and they do not need any capes or awards for their recognition. The Pakistan Chapter of the Tallories Network (PCTN) is a platform which is an initiative of NUST, that calls upon around 63 top ranked Pakistan’s institutions of Higher Education every year to come forward and share their part of the services they are offering for the wellbeing of the Pakistani under privileged community.

On 1st December, 2015, PCTN in collaboration with the NUST Community Service Club Education Empowerment Team (NEET) held a conference in NUST School of Natural Sciences (SNS) under the supervision of Dr Muhammad Safdar. The conference included multiple university representatives from the Institute of Space Technology (IST), Bahria University, HITECH University, Virtual university and many others to collaborate on the agenda of creating a volunteer student force from all the universities and put them to work for the society as one, to provide a platform where students from different universities join together and work hands in hands for a common cause of community welfare.

NEET won the first place for MacJannet prize for global citizenship 2015, which embarked a huge achievement for 1the NUST’s volunteers as well as the whole PCTN Chapter. The education empowerment program consists of multiple projects focused on career counselling and basic education provision to the underprivileged areas of Islamabad initially and then to the whole country under the names of UMEED, SIRAT and AALIF. PCTN has collaborated with NEET and all the attendees of the conference were convinced at one single goal that is education for all, empowerment of the local community teachers and improving educational infrastructure through university provided and fund raising modes of revenue generation.

A healthy debate was triggered over points of sustainability of the agenda of PCTN (NEET), financial hindrances, motivation of the lower class and local government bodies’ support. All the participants shared what their institutes are doing at their scale and what they look forward to in the future.

The conference concluded with proposal presentations by the participant universities and all of them agreed on working on the agenda of the conference that is to create a sustainable volunteer work force with a sole goal of achieving the philanthropic concerns shown by all.