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This project is an opportunity to mould out many more Aitzaz Hassans, Edhis and Dr. Abdus Salams out of these otherwise abandoned orphanages. An opportunity to mentor children who would grow up to be adults who’d choose good morals, ethics and education over corrupt methods to attain glory, out of the goodness of their hearts, on any given day!



Under this project, NCSC has adopted an Orphanage, named Aghosh Al-Khidmat Orphanage, located in Rawalpindi and aims to develop personalities of the orphans present there. Through education and learning, the project aims at assessing the personalities of these children and counseling them into strong individuals with a good moral compass. Instead of taking a “by the book” approach and lecturing them on rights and wrongs, we will show them how to apply these principles in real life, through carefully designed character building activities as simple as drawing and racing.