NUST completes 15 water well installations in Thar for resolving water issue of the drought struck area

In an effort to improve the health and hygiene of the rural population of Sindh, NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) with the support of NUST Administration successfully completed the installation of 15 water wells in Thar. The organization Association for Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE) worked on the installation of water well for the residents of Thar.
AWARE proposed to provide safe drinking water through water well installation in order to improve health and hygiene of 15 villages of Union Council Khejrari & Faqeer Abdullah Taluka and District Umerkot. The project was based on installed 15 water wells. Total populations of beneficiaries are 4,678 souls covering 832 households. On 22 May, 2015, two students from NUST belonging to Thar area visited the 15 sites and met community partners for a need analysis survey before intiating the project.
The major purpose was to make easier for villagers to get water because it is difficult practice of dragging out water from depth of 200 feet. As water is deep in area and underground water is difficult to drag out from dug wells compels inhabitants to use less water and resulting hygiene issues affects health and living standards. Mostly children and women had to bear the brunt of the situation. Children had to look after animals, which are used for hauling water bucket from dug wells and women had to fetch water in pitchers, carrying on head to home.
The main objectives achieved from the installation of wells include:

  • Providing safe drinking water to 4,678 souls of 11 villages through installation of 15 water wells to improve health and hygiene of the people in project period
  • Reducing absenteeism and drop-out ratio among school going children through provision of easy access to water in 11 villages in project period
  • Promoting participatory development approach by engaging community to increase the access of the people in U.C Khejrari & Faqeer Abdullah to safe drinking water through installation of 15 water wells.
  • Improving health and hygiene of the people by providing safe drinking water and raising awareness among them.

This project was completed on August 25, 2015. Previously, a well was installed in Ratan Bheel Paro of union council Khejrari, district Umerkot, Sindh which benefited 350 people from 50 households.
NCSC would like to thank all its donors in sponsoring the wells and doing their part in addressing the water issue of several areas by construction of a total of 16 water wells by NUST.