Knack of all this has begun!



Knack of all this has begun! | The Nust Community Services Club

The start to the second season of NCSC’s most interactive and innovative event in NUST was nothing short of amazing. All the classes were scheduled between 5-7pm but all the participants, students and teachers seemed jubilant and excited for the commencement of classes. Although there was adequate hype for all of the classes but the classes of riveting, sketching and guitar gained particular interest. Riveting class saw a houseful while other classes saw a lot of talented and eager individuals who came out to learn with a clear purpose before themselves.  E-tabs and WordPress classes were also arranged.

Knack of all this has begun! | The Nust Community Services Club

Sketching and painting class was blessed to have such talented individuals as teachers, the way they transformed a normal class into an interactive session by a series of intuitive small tasks and untargeted puns indulged the students in the class. The guitar lessons were at first random walk-throughs but as the initials were passed, the teacher surely introduced a couple of tricks about plucking, notes and tuning, after which proper rhythm lessons were introduced. Riveting class was so enormous that even the teacher sensed heat and reached for his helper. They both showed the different aspects of riveting and its applications on the software and were warmly applauded at the end of their session which marked satisfaction and fun learning from student’s side.18493_1152945928054975_2669946001591728013_n

Knack of all this has begun! | The Nust Community Services Club

All the scheduled classes were held in SMME (both old and new building) and were thoroughly managed and patrolled by NCSC executives who ensured a smooth and steady flow of processes. Then the time came when the sun set and every class came to end with students and teachers both looking forward to another fun and learning packed day of the event.

Written by: Usman Nofal