Knack of All This: Closing day

18493_1152945928054975_2669946001591728013_n10th April’s setting sun saw the end of NCSC’s most unconventional event, “The Knack of All This”. Held in the towering SMME buildings, this week long program pulled dozens of participants.
The SAP 2000 workshop opened the day’s events. Ali Abbas and Nouman Rafique built up on the basics of the previous day’s lessons and continued advancing to tougher subject matter.
In the opposing building The Guitar learning/Singing workshop was picking up pace. Aiman Shabbir and Abbas Hasany taught their class the advanced features of strumming and rhythm building.
On a lower floor a band of aspiring civil engineers were laboriously soldiering on, braving their fatigued routine, to lay layer upon layer of virtual concrete, in the “Revit” workshop. Muneeb Afzal, the instructor of the class marched to and fro helping every participant individually.

While the classes came to an end, the NCSC organizing team was in the conference room signing the certificates. Soon after, the teachers and participants were all invited to join the closing ceremony, where the event heads distributed certificates to the teachers; who had put in a great deal of their personal time to share their knowledge among their peers. Aiman was called on-stage to end the evening on the tune of a melodious song; to which the crowd heartily joined in.

Written by: Syed Hassaan Tauqeer