CSL-401 students visit hospitals to spend time with severely ill children

The main objective of the project was to visit children suffering from different diseases, to meet them, bond with them and make their time a little better. It was a way of providing them with the opportunity to get away from the colorless environment of the hospital ward and to take their minds of the pain and suffering.
For this purpose the project head contacted the Development Officer, Asmat Ali Satti and Manager Health Education Communication, Nasir Iqbal Malik of Shifa Foundation. Henceforth the participants were invited to visit Shifa International Hospitals in H-8, Islamabad on Wednesday, 28th October 2015.
8 participants and 3 volunteers under the guidance of 2 project heads of NUST Community Service Clu visited Shifa International Hospital. Participants were welcomed into the conference room and given a small presentation on projects of Shifa Foundation. Then the participants were treated to a few refreshments after which they visited the children’s ward.
To make their time as enjoyable as possible, fun activities were conducted with the children. The children were given coloring books, water colors, china clay, Ludo, colorful stamps, magic balls and many other things to play with. It all seemed to really cheer them up and have a calming effect on them.
A second visit was conducted on Friday 30th October 2015. This time, the participants visited Falahee clinic of Shifa Foundation, and more or less conducted the same activities. While parents were thankful to the participants for their efforts, spending time with the kids also warmed the hearts of the participants.
The project head, being a representative of NCSC shared his plans with the manager of Shifa Foundation to collaborate with them in their current and future projects to help increase the outreach of both organizations.