2nd PCTN conference held at NUST

The 2nd PCTN conference was held at NUST on March 18th, 2015 welcoming the delegates and

representatives of different universities across Pakistan. The purpose of this conference was to discuss

and innovate “Sustainable Development Solutions and Action Plans for Universities and their

Youth” which was well debated and expressed. The conference started a bit late at 11:00 am against

the stipulated time of 10:00am. The honorable minister of planning, development and reforms, Mr.

Ahsan Iqbal also attended the event and shared his thoughts and reviews about the current energy

scenario in Pakistan and what the energy future plans are. Insights of various other notable and

sublime individuals representing their universities was given prime importance. CIPS seminar hall,

host of the event, became the buzz of the campus drawing in enthusiastic students, teachers and

students from other institutions as well to attend the conference.

Maintaining their previous stature, NCSC council was at the frontline serving the attendees as

ushers and organizers to smoothen the happenings. The admin events and media teams were

among the busiest, catering the needs of people there and taking camera-shots of the event at

regular intervals. The lunch break was observed from 1:00pm – 2:00 pm and there was another 2

hour session afterwards which also included a motivational speech by the NUST rector, Engr

Muhammad Asghar. The conference was ultimately concluded on a high with a lot of expectations

from youth of Pakistan to step-up and resolve the energy crisis the nation is facing currently by

moving towards renewable and indigenous energy sources keeping in view the financial constraints.

A session of tea and snacks was followed afterwards to refresh all the attendees and to bid them a

warm farewell.